Message from Superintendent 6/23

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Wylie ISD Community,

This past school year brought challenges that we have never seen before. COVID-19 shut down our schools and our businesses. In a short amount of time, a plan was put in place to launch at-home learning to finish out the school year while our food service staff jumped into action to continue serving meals to our students. Our administration, teachers, staff, students and parents ALL worked together to make this happen. It was unbelievable to witness this true team effort. 

Just as we wrapped up the school year, we learned of the tragic events in Minneapolis and all around the country that left us shocked and saddened.  We must stop and acknowledge the pain, grief and anger that many in our nation and our own community are feeling during this time of unrest in our country.

As we reflect on and examine how each of us has a role in the solution, we must strive to promote change in a world where hate seems recurring. Despite the sacrifices and efforts of many, we live in a world where racism still exists, and where too many innocent people are victims of hate. We must be able to ask ourselves tough questions and answer them honestly so that we can continue to grow as individuals and as a country. 

Are we cultivating an environment in which each student belongs and feels valued?  Where do we fall short?  What can we do to achieve real inclusiveness?  We must continue to ask these questions as we look to grow in these areas.


As a school district, we have prioritized teaching our students about character, empathy, and communication. We have highlighted kindness and inclusion by creating Kindness Campaigns and forming Student 2 Student groups that focus on inclusion. We know that kindness and inclusion are very important starting points but there is still much work to be done to become the community that we aspire to be. As we move forward, Wylie ISD is making a commitment to ensure that our learning environment is supportive and understanding of the cultures our students represent. We will be intentional and purposeful in standing up against inequality and promoting inclusion. We will stand together to be a part of the change. 


This past weekend we were finally able to see our Class of 2020 graduates walk across the field to receive their diplomas. Although the evening ended with a storm, we met back the next morning to finish graduation and witness once again the resiliency that the seniors have displayed the past few months. It was a memorable graduation that I know none of us there will ever forget and definitely made me proud to be a Wylie Bulldog. 

We know that there are many questions about what the 2020-2021 school year is going to look like. Please know that we have been working on some options for the reopening of our schools but are waiting to make a more informed decision after receiving more guidance from the Texas Education Agency that is scheduled to be released later today. We will also look to send out additional surveys to our families to gather input and data from our community as we take steps toward finalizing plans for next school year. We hope to be able to communicate these plans by the end of July. 

Thank you for being a supportive community. Through all of the challenges that our nation is facing at this time, it is important that we realize that we have each other and we will get through this TOGETHER. 



Joey Light

Superintendent WISD