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Emergency Operation Procedures

In the event of an emergency, Wylie ISD campuses could utilize one or more of the following action plans:



In cases of criminal activity or other threats outside the campus that could affect students and staff. Business as usual inside the school. All exterior doors are locked and there will be limitations on students, staff, and volunteers entering and exiting the building. There will be no outside activities. Additional security will be employed. Teachers and staff must keep students calm and as normal activity as possible. Wait for further instructions from your principal. 



All students and staff must leave the building as quickly as possible through designated exits. Once the evacuees are at a safe distant they may proceed to the reunification area for your campus.



Teachers will move students to the safest inside wall away from possible flying glass and other objects. Have students in a low kneeling position. 


    Active Threat


    The "CRASE" training principal will be used.

    A. Teacher and students will AVOID the threat by moving to a safe area away from danger. This could involve leaving the school building. This can only be done if the location of the threat is known.

    B. If teachers and staff cannot leave their classrooms then they must DENY entry by the active threat. Teachers will lock the entry door, turn out all the lights, silence cell phones, and move student away from the door to the safest corner of the room or closet. Teachers will not open the locked door for any reason. All emergency personnel will identify themselves by sliding an identifying card under the door first and then using a school master key to open the door.

    C. If the teacher is unable to deny entry by the active shooter, the DEFEND method must be used. Teachers and students will position themselves by the entry door and use any method possible to neutralize the active threat. Turn out all lights and use fire extinguishers, books, desks, chairs, and any other item that could be use to stop the active shooter and neutralize the threat.



    All exterior and classroom doors will be locked with students and staff in secured rooms. Follow the same procedure as the DENY technique in "CRASE". 



    If an emergency occurs that requires students to be removed from a campus, parents will be notified where to pick up their children. Teachers and staff will take students to the evacuation pick up site when they are directed by the administration. Teachers and staff will remain with students until they arrive at the reunification site. Teachers and staff will then assume their assigned duties for the reunification process. The protocol will also be posted on the district's website.



    Occurs when hazardous materials threaten a campus (gas, etc..) Teachers and students should stay in the classroom, turn off the HVAC, cover all openings where gas could enter the room. Wait for further instructions.