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Notice of Intent to Destroy




The Department of Student Services, Wylie Independent School District , maintains confidential intellectual/achievement reports and/or psychological reports on individuals who have been referred and tested for any type of disability.

Federal guidelines 300.573 states seven years after cessation of services, records may be destroyed if they are no longer needed to provide services to the child.

Destruction of records is the best protection against improper and unauthorized disclosure. However, the records may be needed by you or your child for social security benefits or other purposes.

The records for anyone who was tested and/or served in any type of special education program during the school years 2008-2009 will be destroyed after May 30, 2016. If you wish to keep those records on file, please contact the Department of Student Services, Wylie Independent School District , 3158 Beltway South, Abilene, TX  79606,  (325) 437-2370 on or before May 30, 2016.

After these dates, if we have not had contact from you, the Department of Student Services will assume that you wish for the records to be destroyed and will proceed under the guidelines outlined above.



Student Services 
3158 Beltway South 
Abilene, TX  79606

(325) 437-2370