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School Breakfast Week

breakfast week

March 6-10, 2017 is School Breakfast Week here at Wylie ISD and this year's theme is "Take the Breakfast Challenge!"  As proud Texans we're always up for a challenge, including one for breakfast.  Eating breakfast every day wins any challenge when it has milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grains or lean protein from Texas.  Each day during School Breakfast Week, after your child stands for the pledge of allegiance, we will shine the light on Texas foods that taste great for breakfast.  Please join us in encouraging your child to eat a balanced breakfast every day, whether at school or at home.  Her e is what we will be highlighting during School Breakfast Week....

Monday - Whole Grains

You can start the breakfast challenge by taking a ride on the grain train with healthy products like whole grain bread, waffles, and tortillas or whole oats in oatmeal.  Texas growers produced 106 million bushels of wheat in 2015, that's enough grain to make more than 9 loaves of whole wheat bread.  Texas can even boast about having its own toast.  Texas Toast tastes great when it is whole grain-rich.  Taking time for breakfast meets the challenge to follow the 3E's of Healthy Living - Education, Exercise and Eating Right.  Breakfast and you make for a winning combination.

Tuesday - Protein

The next time you see a hen, thank her for taking time to lay eggs.  It takes her about a day to make and egg.  It takes Texas chickens and their poultry growers one year to produce 5 billion eggs.  An egg is lean protein.  Other popular proteins for breakfast are beans, turkey and low-fat yogurt.  Your whole body puts protein to work for everything from giving you  energy to growing your hair and nails.  Eating a breakfast with lean protein from our great state will help you rise to the day's challenges.

Wednesday - Dairy

School Breakfast Week will keep "MOOving" along with a cool drink of milk from cows.  No matter how early you rise and shine, it is probably not as early as the Texas producers who help make Texas a leading dairy state.  You can make milk a part of every breakfast.  "Cow" about some yogurt?  Did you know that when you take a walk in the same day that you drink milk you build better bones?  "MOOving" muscles stimulates bone growth that comes from Vitamin D and calcium found in milk.  It is easy to get Texas milk for a healthy Texas breakfast.  Texas dairies produce more than 1 billion gallons of milk each year.  Make milk a part of your breakfast and have a "Dairy" nice day!

 Thursday - Fruits

Did you know that eating a healthy Texas breakfast may help you solve math problems faster?  If you have six bags of grapefruit and there are three grapefruit in each bag, how many grapefruits do you have?  If you at breakfast you might have been one of the first to know you'd have 18 grapefruits.  You may also know the red grapefruit is the state fruit of Texas.  Our state is a leading producer of grapefruit.  Whether it is citrus fruit, apples, strawberries or even watermelon, it is easy to add a splash of color to breakfast with Texas fruit.  Just wash it and eat it whole or cut it or peel it and eat it. Take the Breakfast Challenge - it's a smart way to start your day!

 Friday - Vegetables

There's only one food group left to spotlight:  Vegetables!  The vegetables grown in Texas include colorful carrots, outstanding onions, supreme spinach, premier potatoes and top tomatoes.  Take a minute to think about the vegetables you eat at breakfast.  Spinach, mushrooms and bell peppers are tasty additions to scrambled eggs.  There are tomatoes and other veggies in the salsa you put on your breakfast burrito.  Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and white potatoes are all delicious breakfast vegetables.  A good breakfast needs a winning combination of healthy ingredients.  Thanks for participating in School Breakfast Week 2017!