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Join PTO

  • PTO is an organization to bring both parents and teachers together, discussing ways to better our schools for the growing academic success and well being of our children in Wylie ISD. We offer ways to volunteer in our schools to help our teachers and staff. Our goal is to create fun and safe events to bring our community together. 

    Find us and "Like" us on Facebook for updated information and events. Our link is 

    Visit our website to join or to see our seasonal spirit wear sales.

    PTO Meetings

    2020-2021 PTO meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of September, November, January, March (1st Thurs), and May from 12:15-12:45 pm at Mad Coffee and also via Zoom. Check Facebook or send an email for a link to participate via Zoom. Parents and teachers are invited to attend. If you are unable to attend and have questions or concerns, please email us at  

    September 10th
    November 12th
    January 14th
    March 4th (bumped to 1st Thurs for Spring Break)
    May 13th

PTO Board Members

    President Allison Baldwin    
    Vice President Allison Baldwin    
    Treasurer Allison Connor    
    Secretary Carly Jackson    
    Membership/Website Stephanie Roberts    
    Fundraising/T-Shirts Jasa Ruff    
    Student Activities Ciera Lawson  
    Teacher Appreciation Courtney Franklin    
    ECC Coordinator Erin Moosbrugger    
    Elementary West Coordinators


    Allison Baldwin


    Elementary East Coordinators

    Allison Connor

    Shelbi Hamlett

    Intermediate  Coordinators Allison Baldwin    
    Junior High West Coordinators Mary Potter    
    Junior High East Coordinators Carly Jackson
    Allison Connor