AP Courses

  • As your son or daughter considers enrolling in AP courses, please think about the following:
    • AP offers 34 courses in 19 fields. Students have an array of opportunities for accomplishment in their areas of strength.

    • 90% of students who take AP courses rank those experiences as the most valuable of their high school studies.

    • AP courses and AP examinations are the equivalent of college courses and examinations. Success on a single AP exam (scores of 3,4, or 5) may mean credit for a one-year course in college.

    • 66% of students nationwide who take AP exams earn a 3 or better.

    • Each Fall over 400,000 students enter college with AP examinations on their records. These students represent about one-third of all freshmen at four-year colleges and universities. Of that number, 32,00 students had enough AP credit to enter college as sophomores; another 1,000 had sufficient credit to enter as juniors.

    • 82% of college admissions officers rated "courses selected" as the most important criterion in admission decisions. GPA/class rank is grossly overrated. Class rank came in 3rd, only three percentage points ahead of "overall grades".

    • Financial need will not prevent a student from taking AP exams. TEA and College Board waivers are available that reduce the cost per exam to $23.00

    For more information about Advanced Placement:
    Wylie High School offers these AP courses:

Dual Credit

  • Wylie High School offers students the opportunity to earn college credit in addition to high school credit.  The Dual Credit Program aligns Wylie High School course offerings with courses offered at Cisco College and Angelo State University thus allowing the student an opportunity to earn college credit while attending classes at Wylie High School during the regular school day.

    Junior Dual Credit Opportunities:

    English 3 DC-ASU Carr Scholarship
    US History DC-ASU Carr Scholarship
    Pre-Calculus DC (Alg. 2 is a pre-requisite for this class) Carr Scholarship
    Auto Technology-Cisco, $272 per semester to Cisco College
    Welding-Cisco-$272 per semester to Cisco College

    Senior Dual Credit Opportunities:

    English 4 DC (English 3 DC or English 1301 is the prerequisite for this class) Carr Scholarship
    Pre-Calculus DC (Alg. 2 is a pre-requisite for this class) Carr Scholarship
    US Govt/Economics-1st Semester Carr Scholarship
    US Govt/Psychology-2nd semester Carr Scholarship
    The Carr Scholarship will cover 3 courses per student each semester.  A 4th course during semester will be $204.00

    Auto Technology-Cisco, $272 per semester to Cisco College
    Welding-Cisco-$272 per semester to Cisco College

    Students should apply for admission to Cisco College and complete the Dual credit Agreement and W-9s form and return these documents to the counseling office ASAP.

Dual Credit Textbooks

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Angelo State University Dual Credit

    • The Angelo State Dual Credit Agreement Form is due by March 27, 2020 to Wylie High School Counseling Office.
    • The Application for Admission to Angelo State University for dual credit students is due by March 27, 2020.
    • The Wylie students are considered Presidential scholars so please apply under this category.

      Angelo State has updated the Dual Credit Page on their web site.  The Wylie students fall under the classification of Presidential Scholars-off-site.  The website has information for current students and FAQs for common questions.

Cisco Junior College Dual Credit

    • Cisco College Dual Credit Request/Agreement Form is due by March 27, 2020 to Wylie High School Counseling Office
    • Cisco Form W-9s due to the counseling office by March 27, 2020
    • Proof of the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination is due to Wylie Counseling Office by June 17, 2020 for Auto Tech students who will be attending classes on the Abilene Cisco Campus.
    • Cisco Payment Information-  Students in the Welding or Auto Tech course will pay $272 each semester for each course. The first semester payment is due by Sept 1.
    • Cisco College has an area on their website dedicated to Dual Credit Information.
    • Financial Aid Information