TSI Assessment Information

  • The TSI tests are part of the Texas Success Initiative, a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college.  There are two components of the program.  The first is the assessment of student's basic skills in reading, mathematics, and writing.  The second is developmental instruction to strengthen academic skills that need improvement.  

    Colleges use the TSI scores to make sure students can handle Freshman classes.  If not, students are placed in a class that matches their skill level.  Remediation in college, however, usually means taking and paying for a class that is not going to count towards a degree. 

    Important: Students who do not have test scores on file will not be allowed to register for classes, unless they are exempt. Prospective students should provide proof of an exemption or schedule to take an approved TSI test as soon as possible so that scores will be available in time for orientation and registration. 

    Each state supported college or university will have a TSI information page on their website.  Please consult this site for more school specific information.

    Exemption from TSI

    There is a Pre-Assessment Activity required before the test can be administered.  Please check with your Testing Center before taking the test.