TEA Human Trafficking Training

  • In 2013, the Texas Legislature identified education personnel as a priority profession to be trained on human trafficking.

    • Education professionals serve an important role in Texas trafficking prevention efforts because teachers, administrators, and staff interact daily with children who are at risk of becoming or already victims of human trafficking.

    • You can become our eyes and ears by recognizing human trafficking and reporting the abuse to the proper authorities.

    This training is designed to help education professionals:

    1. Understand what human trafficking actually is

    2. Understand child trafficking

    3. Understand risk factors and vulnerabilities of school-aged children related to human trafficking

    4. Understand human trafficking indicators for school-aged children

    5. Recognize how your legal responsibilities and obligations apply to potential victims

    6. Take the next steps

    Please read the two training manuals and print, sign, and return the signature page to your campus principal.