Optional COVID-19 Testing

  • Wylie ISD is offering a free, optional COVID-19 testing service to students who attend school on campus and whose parents would like for them to be tested. Staff members are also able to take advantage of this optional COVID-19 testing. Please read the FAQ section below before signing up for a testing time. 

    Sign up for a Testing Appointment

COVID-19 Testing FAQ

  • How can I have my child tested?

  • When will the test be administered?

  • Can my child be tested when they are not showing symptoms?

  • Does my child need an appointment?

  • What if my child gets sick after school hours and needs to be tested?

  • Who is eligible for the free tests?

  • Why is Wylie ISD offering the tests?

  • Are tests required?

  • What type of tests are given?

  • What forms are required to test?

  • How will I receive results?

  • When does the testing program begin?

  • Can employees test?

  • What do I do if I have questions?

Drive Up Testing Procedures

WISD COVID-19 Dashboard (As of 9/01/21)