WISD COVID-19 Active Cases

  • In an effort to keep our parents, staff and community informed, Wylie ISD will provide information each day about active cases in our District. This is in addition to our regular campus notifications regarding positive cases. An active case indicates that a student or staff member participating in on-campus activities has tested positive with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 test. Individuals who test positive will be permitted re-entry to campus once the individual meets the return criteria set by state and local health authorities. Once a case is cleared to return, it is no longer considered an active case and will be removed from the dashboard.

    *This dashboard will be updated daily with the active cases in Wylie ISD. These daily totals will fluctuate as active cases are determined to be inactive based on the information we receive from health professionals. These numbers are updated by 4:30 pm on school days.*

  • There are two options when viewing the dashboard. If you are on a phone or tablet, you may find that the Mobile view works better for you. The Desktop view includes how many new cases were added for students and staff as well as the breakdown of total student and total staff cases. Both viewing options will work on your phone. 

  • Desktop Dashboard

    Desktop Dashboard